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This post is dedicated to my wonderful mother who, of all people, remarked at my timely absence of “blogging posts.” I had an incredible day of shredding with my Aunt Jan on skiis, Wendy on a board, and me on my new Rossi Angus board and new Rossi Viper bindings. See you at the lift at 9am tomorrow fellow shredders. Skip Skap

My second attempt at a backflip in the park!

Today on Snowmass I hit some rocks on Dikes. The lighting was low all day but there were still a lot of fresh tracks to be had. Hidden Valley runs were the best I’ve ever had! I LOVE SNOWBOARDING!


Riding Vail today with a lot of the awesome Powder Pandas crew was pretty good. The snow was decent, two days after some inches. There was a lot of traversing and lifts. I felt that I spent half of the four hours I was there actually on the lifts or traversing somewhere. Found some nice fresh lines still though.
Red Lion was GREAT for Apres drinks and dancing and fun fun fun. We ate some grub and drank a lot of drinks. They have a tip jar set up where you can throw rolled up singles into it and you’ll get free shots on the house if you make it. The catch is… the more creative or far away the shot is, the more you get rewarded - Lots of fun.
The bus ride back was full of laughter, singing, drinking, drunkness, and adventure. When we arrived at El Jebel to drop of a few friends Megan somehow went missing. We searched a good hour and called the police for a missing person. Sure enough she somehow thought we left and caught the RFTA bus back into Aspen. Luckily Jesse texted me to tell me that she made it home safely.


A video I was able to shoot from my snowmobile of Torstein Horgmo’s gold medal winning run. He landed the first ever triple cork in X Games history. You’ll notice if you watched it on ESPN or watch it replayed on that you can clearly see me give a ride to McMorris around 3:19:14 into the evening’s footage.

See me on TV! ESPN

I haven’t quite watched the whole thing on TV but I know for sure that you can see me very well 3:19:14 into the showing and also around 3:22:30. I’m the one with the bright orange helmet and the awesome donuts pants. Matt can be seen a minute after my first at 3:20:14 and again around 3:25:20 (or so he claims.) He is wearing super dull colors.

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